How to Prevent Mildew on a Shower Curtain?

Mildew occurs on the shower curtain due to moisture that remains after your bath. When mildew occurs on the curtain, many of us often decide to replace the curtain with a new one. However, there are many wonderful tips which will effectively clean your curtain and stop the growth of mildew.

  • Use the curtain with smooth and consistent surface

    When you use the shower curtains with a raised or carved pattern, this will allow the moisture to collect in your shower curtains and causes mildew. Using smooth shower curtain will glide down the water and never allows it to settle on the surface.

  • Ventilate your bathroom

    Properly ventilate your bathroom after and before the shower. This will help your bathroom to get dry quickly and eliminates the moisture from the surface. Do not forget to open the window after a shower or switch the ventilator fan to remove the moisture.

  • Open the shower curtain

    After finishing your shower partially open the curtain, this will eliminate the trapped moisture and make it dry faster. Shake the liner well and release the folds to release the trapped moisture.

    Shower Curtain Cleaning Melbourne
    Shower Curtain Cleaning Melbourne
  • Hang the curtain outside the bathtub

    Hanging the shower curtain outside the bathtub will prevent the curtain from mildew. Move out the curtain when it is partially dried because the water from the curtain will be dripped into the bathroom floor.

  • Dry the curtain after every bath

    Do not forget to dry your shower curtain after every bath as this will prevent your curtain from the soap scum which is formed in buildup with mildew.

  • Wash the curtain

    Regularly wash your curtain with detergent and vinegar, put your shower curtain in the washing machine and toss it with a couple of towels. Wash all together in the normal wash cycle. Plug the bathtub drain and add salt, leave the water to run deep as it will cover the curtain. Soak the curtain for 3 hours in the tub.

    The salt water prevents the curtain from the growth of mildew by creating a blockade. Finally, air-dry the shower Curtain and Blinds by taking it out of the tub. Do not rinse the salt water, hang the curtain and dry it properly before showering.

  • Prepare a cleaning solution for the shower curtain

    Shower Curtain Cleaning Melbourne
    Shower Curtain Cleaning Melbourne


    Use the commercial cleaning products or make your own solution to prevent the shower curtains from mildew growth. While using the commercial products, use it according to the manufacturer’s instruction.

    If you prefer natural cleaning agents, mix 1 part of vinegar with 1 part of water and spray it shower curtains. Even you can use the gentle bleach to get perfectly clean. After using the bleach completely ventilate the bathroom to prevent yourself from the harmful side effects caused due to toxic foams.

    Continuously clean your curtains once in a week. This will prevent your shower curtain to disinfect and completely eliminates the bacteria that help in the growth of mildew. After cleaning completely, dry the shower curtains in proper ventilation. Avoid rinsing the curtains immediately after cleaning as it will not allow the solution to work on the curtain properly.

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