How To Clean Drapes?

Drapes easily get attracted towards the dust particles and dirt. Hence it is necessary for you to clean the drapes very often. You can regularly clean the drapes with the help of a washing machine or with your hands. Try to dust or vacuum your drapes every day. If you are thinking to clean the sun damage drapes, then you will have to be very careful to wash the sun damage drapes.

Clean the drapes in a proper manner:

Firstly, remove the drapes from the windows and remove any of the hardware from the drapes if they exist.
If your drapes are very dirty, try to tap then nicely with your hands. This will help you to remove some of the dust particles from the drape.
Read the manual of cleaning the drapes properly and follow the instructions as per the manual. Some drapes can be cleaned by the washing machine and even by hands, but then some of the drapes should be given for dry cleaning. Follow the instructions and work accordingly.
In case if you are not able to find the manufacturer’s instruction, then it would be better to clean them with the help of professionals. Professionals will properly know how to clean the drapes and which particular method of cleaning should be applied for the drape type of yours.
Drapes that are made out of wool Curtain, Blinds, cotton, and very sheer fabrics should not be washed in the washing machines.

Ways to clean

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Vacuum the drapes completely before you put the drapes in the washing machine. Put your drapes evenly on the floor and vacuum them. Vacuum till you remove the entire dirt and dust particles.
It is better for you to use a crevice tool of your vacuum cleaner to get rid of the folds and wrinkles on the drapes. You can shake or tap the drapes with your hands if you are not able to vacuum it to remove the dust particles.
If you can wash your drapes in the washing machine, then you can use the washing machine to clean the drapes. Make sure you wash only one panel of the Curtain and Blinds in the washing machine for one time. Use cold water in a gentle cycle mode to wash the drapes.
Take out the drapes as soon as your cycle has stopped to avoid the wrinkles.
Wash the drapes that should be washed delicately with your hands. Rinse the drapes properly till all the soap and detergent comes out completely.
Air dry the drapes. This can avoid causing wrinkles and damage on the drapes.

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