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Blinds Winchelsea offers a wide range of Security Doors, Shutters, Motorized Roller Blinds, Security Doors & Awnings. Call 1800 151 767 for the booking.

Customised Blinds Installation Winchelsea

Are you looking to add more glamour and style to your windows? Come to Victorian Blinds Winchelsea for a comprehensive range of blinds and curtains. We have been making, supplying, and installing superior quality blinds at the most affordable rates in Winchelsea for more than two decades. We are licensed, certified, experienced, and trained to deliver happiness with every blind that we make and install.

Call Victorian Blinds Winchelsea for a free in-house measurement, a free quote, or for any kind of query regarding your blinds/curtains requirements. We will be happy to be at your service!

What We Make – Our Blinds Collection

At Victorian Blinds you will be pleasantly surprised to explore our wide variety of blinds and curtains. We deal in almost all sorts of fabrics, designs, colours, and styles to cover a vast aspect of custom made blinds. Some of our products are listed below:

Roman Blinds Winchelsea

Roman blinds are the most popular blinds you will find in various Winchelsea homes. These are good for protecting you from heat, sunlight, and UV radiations. They are also available in blockout option. Roman blinds are extremely simple to use and they bring a new charm to your property. They are commonly used for outdoor areas such as verandah. We make them in different shapes and colours.

Blinds Installation Winchelsea
Blinds Installation Winchelsea

Roller Blinds Winchelsea

Roller blinds are a versatile style of blind that comes in different colours and designs. You can get opaque, transparent, and translucent variety of roller blinds as per your requirements. At Victorian Blinds we design roller blinds without any fraying on the edges. The sleek design of roller blinds gives them a quite different look.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a nice combination of elegance and functionality. They are easy to use and look way too chic. They are also easy to install and maintain in long run.

Blinds Installation Winchelsea
Blinds Installation Winchelsea

Vertical Blinds Winchelsea

Vertical blinds are also commonly known as lamellae. You can enjoy benefits of both curtain and blind with these blinds. We design them with easy to use tilting slats that can be adjusted as required. You can use these slats to control how much light enters your room. Vertical blinds are best for dining area and kitchen area. Choose between a translucent and a blockout vertical blind as per your choice.

Security Doors

We supply safest security doors to homes and offices all across Winchelsea. Your security is our first priority in designing security doors but don’t compromise on the design either. We promise that our security doors will stay unbreakable. They have an in-built auto locking system and are easily accessible.

Blinds Installation Winchelsea
Blinds Installation Winchelsea

Awnings Winchelsea

We suggest using awnings for outside of the windows. These are best used to block heat, sunlight, and UV radiations. Victorian Blinds has numerous options in different styles and colours for awnings.

Outdoor Blinds Winchelsea

Outdoor blinds play a special role as they leave an impression on the onlooker as well. At Victorian Blinds, we are very particular in designing these blinds. We use the latest technology and the best material for outdoor blinds that add charm to your property. We also make and supply designer patio blinds and alfresco blinds too. If you wish to get weather resistant blinds then you can have them too at Victorian Blinds.

Blinds Installation Winchelsea
Blinds Installation Winchelsea

Plantation Shutters Winchelsea

Plantation shutters are in vogue these days in Winchelsea. People consider plantation shutters as a better option than conventional blinds and curtains. Shutters are more elegant, need less maintenance, and are super energy efficient.

Commercial Blinds

Victorian Blinds can add additional stars to your office/business by our stylish range of commercial blinds. You can use these blinds to add class to your office and display your details simultaneously. Choose a bright and bright outdoor blind to give a cutting edge advantage to your office.

Blinds Installation Winchelsea
Blinds Installation Winchelsea

Motorized Blinds Winchelsea

Motorization is the latest technique that adds glitz to your blinds. At Victorian Blinds, we make customized motorized blinds that are easy to use for kids and elderly people. Our motorized blinds come with durable electrical systems, which enhance the motor’s life and make its operation smooth. We provide remote control for motorized blinds so that you can use multifunctional features with ease. We do motorization for roller blinds, roman blinds, alfresco blinds, internal sunscreens, and awnings.

Customized Blinds/Curtains

Victorian Blinds manufactures customized blinds/curtains are designed as per the client’s requirement. You can ask for a free consultation from our experts. They will advise you on which blind would best gel with your interiors and fit into your budget. They will also be responsible for taking measurements of the window to ensure a perfect fit on your window. Choose from our wide range of fabrics, styles, and colours to make your own design.

Measurement & Installation of Blinds

Victorian Blinds has been dealing with all sorts of blinds and curtains for Winchelsea homes and offices for over twenty years. We have understood the importance of taking fresh measurements of every single window for which you need blinds. We don’t rely on the house plan for these measurements and use highly precise tools to measure the windows.

Victorian Blinds Offer Same Day Blind Installation Service

Victorian blinds, a brand known for its experience and quality service we provide. Our esteemed staff of professionals are well trained and experienced in blind installation. Utilizing the latest tools and equipment we can deliver blind installation within 24hours. Our blind installation service is fast and proactive while maintaining the superb quality that you deserve. We can reach your doorstep in no time and provide you with blind installation whenever you need. By providing you with same day installation service we can make sure that you save time and in turn, save money. Avail the benefits of the top class blind installation service by hiring Victorian Blinds. We promise to deliver guaranteed same day blind installation service without compromising the quality and our part of the deal.

Why Get Blinds from Victorian Blinds

Victorian Blinds Winchelsea has a track record of 100% success rate. We please our customers by giving them more than expected service and extremely good quality blinds and curtains. Our exclusive range of products and unmatched quality of installation services are worth every penny we charge. We vouch that we charge the most affordable prices for our blinds and their installation.

With two decades of industry experience, we offer guaranteed services and perfect fitting of our blinds. We provide a free measurement for windows and doors for any kind of blind. Once our professionals do the measurement, you can also ask for a free quote for the specific blind that you need. Our staff consists of certified and licensed technicians. We promise to use the finest material for all kinds of blinds and curtains. We buy all our products from only Australian manufacturers.

With Victorian Blinds, you can get up to 10 samples of fabric for any blind. Dress up your windows like never before; call us!

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